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9 Things I Always Have at the Barn

9 Things I Always Have at the Barn | Homesteading Tools and Farm Skills by Pioneer Settler

How To Live Off the Grid - Living off the grid basically means living without the supply of gas, electricity and even water provided by local authorities. In the survival community, most are more concern with short-term ways to live off the grid in cases (EMP, natural disasters, etc) where essential supplies like electricity and water would be unavailable for a short period of time.

Bringing home new goats this spring? Make sure you've got all the supplies covered with this list via Better Hens and Gardens!

Milking a goat (or cow) can be pretty easy if you make sure you have the right supplies. Find out here the 5 essential supplies you will need to milk your goat (or cow).

Goat Milking Supplies

Goat Milking Supplies | Weed 'Em and Reap (a quick-how-to!)

Farming is a lifestyle. It includes a lot of hard work, sweat, tears, dirt and blood. But, while it requires all that, it is also one of the most beautifully rewarding things- just seeing new life born and helping the babies take their first steps is an indescribable, amazing feeling. It makes it all worth it. So, I ask you. Why do you farm?

Oster Horse Grooming Tools. Love them all and use em all the time! Hoof pick and mane and tail brush are my favs!

Rope Name: Sophia's Cowgirl Ranch themed birthday party via Karas Party Ideas #cowboy #cowgirl

Mint Laced Reins - REIN19C