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Womanly Portraits

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Portrait Paintings

Oil Paintings

Cecil Baring

Paintings Ambrose

1876 1922

Mcevoy Paintings

Ambrose McEvoy Mrs. Cecil Baring, 1876-1922, c.1927

Margetson British

Margetson 1861

William Henry Margetson

Margetson English

Color Painter

Painter Painter

Figure Painter

Painter Illustrator

House William

William Henry Margetson - The Lady of the House. #classic #art #painting

Madame Duvelleroy

Duvelleroy French

Duvelleroy Circa

Louise Abbéma

Louise 1858

Sizes Louise

1858 1927

Ma 1905

Abt 1905

Portrait of Madame Duvelleroy, Louise Abbema

Sunlight 1909

1856 1915

1915 Oil

Alexander American

John White Alexander

Alexander Google

1909 John

American 1856

White American

Sunlight, by John White Alexander (American: 1856-1915)

Colored Cupcakes

Colourful Cupcakes

Cores Colourful

Cores Colors

Colorful Sweets

Colorful Things

Colors Bright

Colors And Colors

Happy Colors

✯ Colored Cupcakes .. By Perry Aragon✯

Artist S Pod

Art 1⃣

British Artists 1

Art Pastoral

Art Organizing Board

Preraphaelite Art

Art William

Rose Bush

Art White

William Henry Margetson - Springtime

Julia 1915

Julia Ramoncasas

Carbo Julia

Painting Female Portraiture

1866 1932

1915 Oil

Spanish Artists

Carmen Goldsmith


Ramon Casas i Carbó by hauk sven, via Flickr

Journal Mixed

Journal Art

Art Journals

Pam Karriker

Journaling Zentangle

Art Journaling

Artsy Savers

Philosophy In Art

Alixarte Ii

pam carriker.

Art Ramon Casas

Art Casas

Paintings Ramon

Drawing Monochromatic

Artist General

Paintings Round

Art Asona

Paintings Architecture

Artist Ramon

Ramon Casas Paintings | Ramon Casas | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Gotch British

British 1854

Destroyer Death

Bride 1894

1931 Death

Gotch Death

Death Yea

Screams Death

Silent Screams

Thomas Cooper Gotch (British, 1854-1931), "Death the Bride"

1896 Le

1822 1896

Dew Fritz

Art Zuber Buhler

Buhler Le

Buhler Swiss

Swiss 1822

Inspiring Muse

The First

Fritz Zuber-Buhler (Swiss, 1822-1896), "Le premier dejeuner"

1890 1891

1866 1932

1891 Oil

Vers 1890

Circa 1890

Galette Interior

Galette 1890

Galette Oil

Galette Paris

Casas, Ramon (1866-1932) - Interior of the Moulin de Galette (Paris)

Goodward John William

Gohn William

John William Godward

Godward 1861

Godward Pre

Raphaelite Paintings

For Raphaelite Art

Raphaelite Romantics

Godward Artist

Going to the Well, 1898, by John William Godward (British, 1861–1922)

Swiss 1767

Agasse Swiss

Laurent Agasse

Jacques Laurent

Mermaids Nymphs

Mermaids Sirens Selkies Sea

Mermaids Song

Goddess Mermaids

Sea Nymphs

ondine... by t. van gieson, via Flickr

Moon Lady

Moon Woman

Moon Girl

Van Gieson

Gypsy Moon

Gypsy Soul

Paper Moon

Moon Painting

Painting Board

die mondfee.. by t. van gieson, via Flickr

Night Wilfred

Glehn Night

1951 Night

Glehn British

Wilfrid Gabriel

1870 1951

Ii 1870


British 1870

Wilfred Gabriel de Glehn (British, 1870–1951), "Night"

Elliott Thomas

Grace Elliott

Elliott Real

Elliott Met

John Elliot

Gainsborough British

Thomas Gainsborough

Gainsborough Metropolitan

Elliott Gainsborough

Lady Grace Elliot

Fairies Read

Wild Fairies

Fairies Magical

Mermaids Fairies

Angels Fairies

1904 Robert

By Robert

Witches Communed

Donne Robert

the fairy dance.. (detail) by t. van gieson, via Flickr

Illustration Artuš

Illustration Continued

Children S Illustration

Artuš Scheiner S

Arthur Scheiner

Scheiner S Illustrations

Illustrations Tales

Mermaids Sirens Silkies Water

Mermaids Water

Artuš Scheiner illustration from a Romance About The Faithful Friendship Of Amis And Amil A novel written by Julius Zeyer

Twitterfrom Twitter

Margarita on

Margetson 1860

William Henry Margetson

British Painter

British Art


1860 1940





Agesthomas Cooper

Ages Thomas

Crooke Thomas

Image Thomas

Ages Oil

Gotch 1854 1931

Portriat Paintings

Gotch English

Thomas Cooper Gotch

Heir to All the Ages, by "The Lady in Gold - A Portrait of Mrs. John Crooke", Thomas Cooper Gotch (British, 1854-1931).