Greatest t-shirt ever. makes me feel better:) it'd be funny to wear this the day after you break up with someone

this makes me think of a few people...

tis the greatest!

haha---I'll be posting this on my Facebook wall soon! I might even have this T-shirt made for me...


we all can't be athletes. @

haha. best pregnancy photo ever.

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I literally just applied for a job with them today. They're awesome. Seriously, go check them out. Especially all you engaged folk out there! They have a lot of wedding decoration stuff that is ADORABLE and affordable. You won't be disappointed!

Best. Gift. Ever.

35 greatest moments on the Ellen Show @Amanda Maki

I need to get this shirt

This is me. I am that shirt. I need this shirt. This shirt needs me. We were made for each other.<<<<totally

Now that's funny.

we are best friends!#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

I had a plumber in Kentucky that could have used one of these...or suspenders. They would have worked too.


Save the Pitbulls

Every single freakin time!!!!!!!! Lol