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    Reason # 4,976 To Never Ever Wear Crocs

    3y Saved to Humor
    • Andrea Stout

      That's what you deserve!!! I can not stop laughing, why would you wear crocs in the first place haha

    • Lindsey Sluyter

      Some interesting tan lines you have there...haha, good punishment for wearing crocs, those things are an abomination!

    • Amarie

      Wearing crocs is not bad enough? This person wore them long enough to get "croc tan lines" AND allow a picture to be taken! Shameful!!!

    • Lucy Cook

      This person who wore these Crocs for this long. | People You Won't Believe Actually Exist #humor #lol #funny #laugh

    • L Gates

      Problem #1: wearing Crocs in the first place. Problem #2: Wearing them long enough to get "Croc tan lines". Problem #3: taking a picture to documents your poor use of judgment with photographic evidence...

    • Explosion Sportswear

      That's what you get for wearing crocs. #college #summer #vacation #humor #shoes

    • Aubrey Harrison

      that's what you get for wearing crocs #funny

    • Amy Mays

      this gave me a giggle :)

    • Lisa Luke

      Funny stuff!

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