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Grave Marker- Georges Seurat, (2 of 2)

Grave Marker- Helen Taft, (2 of 2)

Grave Marker- George Gershwin Mausoleum in Westchester Hills Cemetery, NY

Grave Marker- Elvis and his family on the grounds of Graceland.

Grave Marker- Mozart, Vienna

Grave Marker- Bruce and Brandon Lee. Along with Jimi Hendrix, probably the most famous graves in the Seattle Area.

Grave Marker- Noah Webster, lexicographer (Webster's Dictionary) 1/2. He is buried in New Haven's Grove Street Cemetery.

Grave Marker- Franz Schubert, Vienna

Grave Marker- Gram Parsons.

Grave Marker- Bette Davis, actress

Grave Marker of Leonardo da Vinci

Grave Marker- Princess Charlotte's Tomb Windsor Castle England

Great War grave, 1914, Laeken, Belgium.

Mozart's Grave

Grave of Catherine The Great

Grave Marker- Braham, Vienna Austria

Statue of Little Red Riding Hood at William Black's grave, Baltimore, Maryland cemetery

Patsy Cline's Grave, Winchester, VA,