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I am poetry sheet


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"I Am" Poem outline (template available on the blog link) - This has been a WONDERFUL writing activity to do with my students over the years. It is successful with first graders (the first paragraph works best) and fourth graders!


Friday Art Feature - Comic Book Onomatopoeia

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Simile poem used as basis for art project (handwritten well, illustrated, etc.)

Ladybug's Teacher Filesfrom Ladybug's Teacher Files

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might work for helping kids reflect and think about the coming school year for making hopes and dreams??

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Show, don't tell... draw and write about a specific emotion without saying what it is...great idea!

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Beginning of the year gift

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Joyful Learning In KC: Bio Poems -- I think this would make a cute beginning of year and EOY comparison/growth activity.

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i am poem

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Poem review freebie


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A Letter to Next Year's Class, cute idea and a nice way to get feedback on what students took away

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School wall print.

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Pinner said, My students last year loved having whole class journals to write in. They had a chance to write in them during Work on Writing, and a chance to read them during Read to Self. I made up a new set of 8. At the moment they are pretty plain covers, but once a student writes in it they have the option of choosing a sticker from my collection to place on the front cover. The stickers show me how many kids have tackled each topic.

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reading log, cute idea, have students do twice a year (once a semester) parents sign off once they are done with that box, when they get their first "bingo" pick a prize, when they get a "blackout" do something else special.

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Matters of the heart. Use this each year for their writing notebooks.

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Great for teaching rules at the beginning of year.

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You simply post this up on the board and students must create a story using one phrase from each color. This is fun and challenging!

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End of the School Year Tips (to be SUPER prepared for next year!)

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cute for beginning of year

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Opinion Writing Launch Lesson- boy did we have fun today!

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Beginning of the school year