for punch

Just add vodka for a party

Moscato wine punch...mmmm

Punch Bowl

Pineapple palm fruit tree

Cool idea! It looks good too! Cut a watermelon in half than use one half and take out all the red part and take the other part and cut little cubes out of it. Than cut up pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon, purple grapes, green grapes and strawberries and put them in the watermelon.

Turtle Doves

Watermelon sticks, perfect for little hands. A finger food perfect for picnics or potlucks #Watermelon, #KitchenTips, #Summer, #Food, #CleanEating, #DIY

Watermelon Lime Margarita. Great for a warm summer evening!

BRILLIANT. "Scoop out the watermelon and have that with a barbecue, and then cut a hole to fit a keg shank. Fill with drink of choice (watermelon sours would be perfect, but any summery, pulp-free drink would do), et voila."

Mimosa Punch

Ready made cocktails in mason jars...reception idea?

Large lemon/lime ice cubes for punch. what a great idea!

turtle watermelon

baby shower punch

Watermelon raspberry lemonade recipe

Drunken gummies for the bachelorette party!

veggies & dip in cups

Peppermint Punch: Add peppermint ice cream to ginger ale and Bailey's. Stir with a peppermint stick. This sounds amazing!

Watermelon cut this way is easy to eat and will last longer in the fridge. Genius.