Butterbeer Cupcakes

Butter Beer

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups - only 4 ingredients - chocolate, peanut butter, butter, and sugar - yum!

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Butterbeer recipe: Who says you need to go to Universal Studios when you can have it at home :- @bri_westlake

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Are they serious! You make sweets based on sweets in the most British series around and you name one of the flavours booger! Not bogie, booger!!!!!!!! #rantover

Pink Meringue Cupcakes with Raspberry Curd >> I want this with strawberries! Yum!

Butterbeer Cupcakes

Butterbeer Cookies

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Butterbeer Cupcakes recipe on Amy Bites at http://www.amybites.com/?p=623

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Butterbeer Cupcakes. Recipe and more photos at the source.