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Strawberry champagne jello shots

Every December it is a tradition for my fiance, a bunch of our friends, and I to get together for a relaxing dinner dinner filled...

Wasting Away in Strawberry Jell-O Shot Margaritaville... And what party would be complete without jello shots??? May as well make a grown up version, complete with basil and Sea Salt. You'll never go back to the cheap stuff again! Cin Cin and bottom's up

Breakfast in a Blanket

Breakfast In A Blanket is so much better than a McMuffin. Get the recipe on

Strawberry Pineapple Popsicles

Strawberry Pineapple Popsicles - 2 c. pineapple chunks, 3 c. strawberries, c. + c. pineapple juice, 3 T. simple syrup c. water, 1 c. sugar boiled together). Pineapple part gets c. juice & 1 t. syrup - strawberry gets c. juice & syrup.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Shot Glasses Are Indulgent and Decadent

This drink tastes just like a cinnamon roll covered in icing #Fireball #cocktail #cinnabon damn you fireball