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Bird tattoo - I adore this crow but the piece is just to big for it to be a consideration

says hope one way and faith the other. I would make it smaller and put it somewhere else, but it really is so awesome.

black and white! love this! if i get a sleeve it will look like this! not all filled in :]

Pequeño tatuaje en la muñeca que dice "Alis volat propriis", que es una frase en latín que se usa como el lema del estado de Oregon, EEUU. Significa "Ella vuela con sus propias alas".

Shoulder Crow

fish/dragon head on floating severed clouds spattering rain, with cord from it's innards. Escaping or drawing in?

I know you said that it's impossible to do one's that look like this and don't fade, but this would be my dream. I like the size and detail of the main bouquet that's in the focus of the picture. so maybe 3-4 flowers surrounded by a backdrop of their leaves and stems

8pcs Flying Tiny Birds Swallow silhouette Tattoo - InknArt Temporary Tattoo - pack tattoo quote wrist ankle body sticker anchor fake tattoo