The Learning Annex at PS 94 in the Bronx has a space that can be sectioned off for more privacy and includes great floor seats that can be easily moved.

This is a great way of utilizing interactive learning space! The Learning Annex at PS 94 in the Bronx

Dame Bradbury's tree of knowledge

Inspirational school libraries from around the world – gallery

From a story garden in Cornwall to hexagonal towers in Los Angeles, we look at inventive spaces designed to get children excited about books

Tapa | SIXINCH® North America

Tapa | SIXINCH® North America

La série de chaises

Design : ABChairs de Roeland Otten, des chaises en forme des lettres de l'alphabet

ABChairs is a series of 26 seats typography that served there. It was designed by graphic designer Roeland Otten and chairs each representing letters of the