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All the most dignified presidents had beards. Who knows what Abraham Lincoln would’ve looked like without his iconic beard?

Today Top Reddit funny pics - 100 pics - LOL MANIA CLUB

My favorite none swear insult is " Screw you Turdburger"LOL😂😂😂

This better work because I only have $7 and I need more iTunes money bad!  (BTW I'm 12 that's why I only have $7.  It's not like I don't take care of myself and have no job and spend whenever I can.  The last 2 are true but it's because I'm 12.  I only get $2 a week.  But I still have 3 more teeth to lose minus wisdom teeth.)  I know.  Pathetic.

well I would be more happy to get a cat tho oh well what ddo I have to loose

Me after too many interviews

Me after too many interviews

Let me return this thing - FunSubstance

Android emojis vs IPhone emojis

Android emojis vs IPhone emojis im weak

#12 I can't believe someone actually did that

34 Pics To Make You Happier In Case You're Having A Bad Day - I loved the pudgy bird!

I don't normally save political memes, but this is too funny!

More teen movie insults.


Beard = Line free zone

That’s not a nice thing to say…

Boy: There is a girl in my class called Emily. She looks like a treefrog. Father: That’s not a very nice thing to say. Boy: I like treefrogs.

No, you shouldn’t shave.

No, you shouldn’t shave.

-@gmx0 #BaptistMemes #SouthernGospel

‘Every Praise’: Kidnapper Releases Who Won’t Stop Singing Gospel Song


This is now my favorite Biden meme. Besides the one with the bag of cheetos in the restroom

Zack Galifianakis

Zach Galifianakis' New Years Resolution - Alligator Sunglasses


The biggest thing I hate about Obama leaving office is the stop of Obama and Joe's Bromace memes<<< agreed

@Emma Tully http://pikachuinthesh0wer.tumblr.com/post/67351883176

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