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This Week’s Social Report!

'Child of god'...a male god, notoriously hostile to the feminine,and very much worried about everyone's sex parts.

Discipline vs Punishment - The Science Behind

Abuse apologists<--- I think this is weirdly important. As the audience, we can easily become intellectually detached from a movie in pursuit of emotionally supporting a villain. It is nice to see some common sense, even if I still like some of the more insane villains out there (I'm looking at you, Moriarty).

Emergency Preparedness: 100 Items to Disappear First

Think you're on top of your emergency preps? This list of 100 items to disappear first might give you some things to think about. Whether natural disaster or economic collapse, being prepared is key to survival.

Romans Used to Ward Off Sickness with Flying Penis Amulets

Romans Used to Ward Off Sickness with Flying Penis Amulets | Atlas Obscura | Some fascina in the Musée Saint-Remi in Reims, France.

LDS Activity Days Ideas

I served as an Activity Days leader for my ward for almost three years and thought I'd post some of the things we did that might be useful for other leaders out there. Basic Requirements Learning a...

Natural Bug Repellent Luminaries

Natural Insect Repellent DIY Luminaries. using essential oils. Add some magic to your next outdoor party and ward off the bugs with these easy-to-make luminaries. |