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The book that EXPLAINS it all: the technology where, how, who invented it, why and how it works, and the HEALING testimonials that made this incredible technology a reality more than 30 years ago. This is a gripping, easy to read, and inspiring book that is impossible to put down!

YOGA SEQUENCE TO FLYING PIGEON: 3 years ago I didn't even know arm balancing existed, I also couldn't even really pigeon but through patience & dedication a flying pigeon is now possible, if I could do it, so can you Warm up: SUN A & B x5 each 1. DOWNWARD DOG This is my go to for any sort of strengthening sequence as while it does make the shoulders burn it also makes you realise the importance of having a solid foundation & how it will relate to all "harder" poses 2. SQUAT If your heels…

39 Panels: Emotional & Mental Focus Chakras Meridians Miasms Brain Waves COLORY therapy Past Lives Genealogy / DNA Timelines - ages when you locked an emotion in at the cellular level Relationships BIO-Cellular BIO-Signatures DNA History NeuroEmotional (NLP) Anti-Aging Iridology Spinal Program Toxins Trauma Crystals & Gemstones QUANTUM therapy doesn't just tell you, it creates healing frequencies like "surgery at the cellular level"