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What?? It's morning again? Didn't that happen just yesterday? Morning Light September 19 2014 Lif Strand

No snow in my part of NM this December 25 morning but I've been saving this photo for today. 2014 Lif Strand

I climbed up on the roof to catch this shot. The ladder is permanently attached to a rafter because I'm always finding a reason to climb up there, mostly for photos. That's because there are some places in the world that are so beautiful that an ordinary view becomes extraordinary and the Land of Enchantment is one of those places. High Summer In High Country 2014 Lif Strand

I just happened to look out the window and saw this view. I grabbed the camera and snapped one shot. There was not even time for a second one before the moon slipped behind the clouds. August full moon, 2014 Lif Strand

You have noticed, by now, that I take photos of the same views over and over again. To me the changes in sky and light are fascinating in themselves. Plus all I have to do is step outside and there it is. Evening Light, August 2014 Lif Strand

23,000 years ago Red Hill was active. On an August evening it still glows. 2014 Lif Strand

Just another late October afternoon in the Land of Enchantment. 2014 Lif Strand