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NuMex Jalmundo

Pepper, Hot, Biker Billy Hybrid

Rainbow Carrot Mix - six crazy colors, 250 heirloom seeds, spring garden, fun for kids, non GMO

20 Seeds Rare Black Strawberry 20 White Snow by OneFlowerShop, $4.99

Hybrid Pepper. If you like tasty banana peppers, you'll love this whopper, which produces much bigger peppers on much smaller plants. Each fruit is two" longer and an amazing 30% meatier than the peppers on Sweet Banana. The fruits are 8" long and more a truly giant pepper. They start yellow and mature orange-red, so you can pick them at any stage you like. Great for pickles, salads or grilling.

NuMex St. Patrick’s Day

So Pretty!

this shop has some nice heirloom seeds

about Pepper Joe

Vegetable gardens and landscaping

Super Marzano | Color: Red | Shape/Size: Paste, medium | DTM: 70 | Description: Hybrid. Prolific. Best tomato for paste.

If you plan on growing anything hot, here is the place to get the seeds and learn how.

NuMex Primavera

Green Giant | Color: Green | Shape/Size: Round, medium-large | DTM: 80 | Description: Super sweet and delicious.

Lettuce Leaf Basil 1'-2' Annual Full Sun Soil Type: Rich, Moist, Well Drained pH: 5.6-8.5 Germination: 70ºF for 2 weeks Planting: Easy to transplant Leaves: Large and crinkled leaves, Opposite, Oval, Toothed, 3-6" long Flowers: White, 1/2", Two lipped, Flowers July-August. Parts Used: Leaves, Flower Tops Uses: Culinary, Aromatic, Ornamental, Companion (Tomatoes & Peppers) Notes: High yield of large subtly-flavored leaves. Pinch off flowers to extend productivity.

NuMex Centennial

Numex Twilight Chile Seeds - Capsicum annuum

Organic Carrot Atomic Red Heirloom Vegetable Seeds. $2.35, via Etsy.

Hillbilly | Color: Bi-color | Shape/Size: Round, large | DTM: 85 | Description: Beautiful color inside and out. Not trashy at all.

NuMex Twilight Small, upright fruits start off purple, go to yellow, orange, and lastly red. Approximately 30 seeds per package. $4.00

my favorite ornamental pepper its simple to grow looks pretty and taste great too