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Own Two Hands - Spool knitting with beads

"Freehand" Lace - Aka bobbin lace. Page has links

Bobbin Lace KitBobbin Lace Kit,

bobbin lace pillow. This is a beautiful pillow and roller.

My travelling bobbin lace pillow

Tools and Accessories for Bobbin Lace

Teneriffe lace ... I had not heard of this kind of lace before seeing this picture, but it was easy to find free instructions and resources via google. The link is to the photo only. #teneriffe #lace #needlelace

Bobbin lace pattern

bobbin lace pattern

Make your own bobbin winder!

Cool bobbin lace pillow made from an Ikea laptop stand. See information here:

Beginner's Guide To Bobbin Lace at

Easter eggs decorated with bobbin lace