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    gotchya! :) - anime guy with camera

    Akihiro [Writing Takes You Away] "Um.. Akihiro.. what are you doing?" "Oh ya know. Sipping coffee and daydreaming on a bridge." >.

    this anime pic is seen alot but i dont know what to say but omg so cute ♥

    "Come on, one more picture? Please." He begged you as you laughed. "Fine... Fine, but only one more, okay?" "Okay!" I loved him but never said anything... Now I regret it. That was the last picture taken before he disappeared from existence. Now, it is my job to find him or find out what happened to him. -Azusa Nano

    ADOPTED Naomi is 12. He loves to play around and he's a real prankster. He tries not to take anything too seriously. It helps him cover up his past.

    你年少时执着着的许多,终将成为你迟暮岁月感怀无限的青春。 Wat hier geschreven staat, dat weet ik echt niet . JIJ ?

    WAAAA so cute♥ i think this is the kumagawa from medaka box as a kid

    Cute anime boy 경주바카라경주바카라경주바카라경주바카라경주바카라경주바카라경주바카라경주바카라경주바카라경주바카라경주바카라경주바카라경주바카라경주바카라경주바카라경주바카라경주바카라경주바카라경주바카라경주바카라

    touché artist, touché (although I'm pretty sure anime has to move, thereby still images wouldn't be called anime)

    Fredrick. (Now I'm tempted to make this novel dystopia/modern-ish instead of Victorian)