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this anime pic is seen alot but i dont know what to say but omg so cute ♥

Looks too much like Len not to pin it here. XD Maybe it is him, I don't know. :P

"Come on, one more picture? Please." He begged you as you laughed. "Fine... Fine, but only one more, okay?" "Okay!" I loved him but never said anything... Now I regret it. That was the last picture taken before he disappeared from existence. Now, it is my job to find him or find out what happened to him. -Azusa Nano

WAAAA so cute♥ i think this is the kumagawa from medaka box as a kid

你年少时执着着的许多,终将成为你迟暮岁月感怀无限的青春。 Wat hier geschreven staat, dat weet ik echt niet . JIJ ?

ADOPTED Naomi is 12. He loves to play around and he's a real prankster. He tries not to take anything too seriously. It helps him cover up his past.

Anime boy OMGZ! THIS REMINDS ME OF A CHARACTER I MADE! .... his name is skittles! TASTE THE RAINBOW! (੭ु˙꒳​˙)੭ु⁾⁾

Mye heart has time or time enough for you, just choose who are you and which side you belong in the time of my heart or out of my heart´s time.