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Wabi-Sabi; a way of living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting peacefully the natural cycle of growth and decay. Accepting things as they are creates self-love, happiness, peace and joy!

self esteem, competition, competing with other women, comparison, run your own race. Visit: Staying Positive University on Facebook and Pinterest for more Positive Quotes and Discussions / What helps you to stay focused on who you've been created to be?

Working out one step at a time. Starting weight Milestone Milestone 173 Current weight: 168 Goal weight: Whatever looks and feels right. Every morning I want to give up but i can't. Doing it for me. Keep positive people...

Which Disney Philosophy Do You Live By?

Can I just say that Rafiki is probably my favorite Disney character of all time. He is literally crazy but the wisest out of everyone in Lion King. And we all know that the crazy characters hold the deep messages. For example Frozen. Olaf anyone?!:): More

“When you think the night has seen your mind That inside you’re twisted and unkind Let me stand to show that you are blind Please put down your hands ‘Cause I see you I’ll be your mirror” -The Velvet...