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El maravilloso arco iris plasmado en los plumajes del cielo, mira con ojos felices los caños y los esteros....

Sabías que..Las marcas en la frente de un tigre se parecen mucho al carácter chino para el rey, dando a los tigres a nivel cultural como un animal real.

Every act of kindness, no matter how small, makes a difference

Animals Illuminated by the Sun from a website (appropriately) titled: Beautiful Animals :)

Dark wolf. Beautiful! All animals have their place on this earth and should not be hunted down in mass numbers. We as humans are better than that.

A Tarsier up close. Looks a bit like a gremlin, a troll or the funny/cute/slightly scary character on the front of 'Where the Wild Things Are'.

If I wasnt so scarred by being spit in the face by a one eyed llama named Irving as a child I think Id own a few of these :D rofl!