Deer-Shaped Electrical Towers


Conceptual pylon design for Iceland: Land of Giants by Choi + Shine Architects



Thrown to the Wind by Wang Zhiyuan, 2010.

Byeong Doo Moon

Artist Creates Faceted Frozen Sculpture Using Tissue Paper and Staples

1550 Chairs Stacked Between Two City Buildings. An installation by Doris Salcedo at the 2003 Istanbul Biennial. #street #art #streetart #arturbain #rue

Made from 100% recycled scrap metal

Geek street art

~German artist Cornelia Konrads goes around the world installing gravity-defying artworks in natural settings like public parks and private gardens...

Get ready for the HOT days of summer...

Gabriel Dawe

An amazing sculpture by artist Tomohiro Inaba. (via Patron of the Arts) "Tomohiro Inaba is a young artist who finished his graduate studies in 2010. He is attracted to iron as a material among other reasons because it begins to rust and decay upon contact with air, practically the moment it is created. For some his two-dimensional work he has used heat-sensitive paper, a likewise ephemeral material.

Paper Cups - Tara Donovan

Furniture-maker-turned-sculptor James McNabb continues his exploration of architectural shapes using an improvised form of woodworking frequently described as “sketching with a bandsaw.” Without regard to the design or stability a true architect might utilize, he instead works with more abstract shapes cut from repurposed and exotic woods which in turn become component pieces for larger sculptures resembling wheels or tables.