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    Whenever I need a good laugh, I watch Guilty Dog .. it might just be my favorite youtube video ever.

    Guilty pups

    19 of the Worst Eyebrows Ever! hahaha.SO funny

    Cat screams “NO!” during his first bath. IM dying

    Classy chihuahua toupee, reminds me of justin bieber. The hair, high pitched bark, high pitched voice.... ;)

    LOL this picture makes me laugh, that cows face is priceless -

    love his laugh ♥

    Oh how funny!!

    I'd like this on a lapel pin, please.

    I should not be laughing at this.

    If you own a dog, then you can identify with these…

    Dog ate gum. Went for walk. This happened.

    lol hilarious


    Just read this and about died laughing!! this guy got a text from a stranger and decided to play along with it! must read! Hilarious


    Proper laugh out loud

    Unicorn Farts Lip Balm by LongWinterSoapCo on Etsy