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Where do you work?

Como deve ser visto o trabalho da mulher dentro e fora de casa? How are we supposed to look at woman´s work inside and outside the home?

What kind of people?

Life after loss with one teenager, two surviving triplets and a rainbow baby

“The problem is that the point of a contract is to clarify where and how each party can get out. And no child or adult thrives when they believe the love of their family exists only by contractual obligation. No marriage will thrive when there is a predetermined date to reconsider and possibly end the partnership.”

Assertive and female? Good luck trying to negotiate a better job offer

This is a beautiful perspective about how to acknowledge other people’s pain and walk alongside them while they carry their cross; no judgments, and the only question asked is, “How are you doing?”  http://www.catholicwifecatholiclife.com/

Our EWTN Appearance, Acknowledging Other People's Pain (real resources for how to help), Redemptive Suffering (and more!

What would happen if we gave out kindness and compliments with wild abandon?

"Wow," he says, and for some reason I brace myself, unsure of what I'm about to hear. It's our morning rush time. I'm on "my side" of the counter making

Your brain needs Serotonin to be happy. If you notice these warning signs, your levels may be low...

15 Things to Remember When You Don't Believe In Yourself

Thoughtful depressed young woman sitting with her chin on her hands outside a brick building staring down at the ground

What is REALLY Behind A Facebook Status Update

What is REALLY Behind a Facebook Status