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Cornet Henry John Wilkin, 11th Hussars (c. 1855) - He rode in the 'Charge of the Light Brigade' as the Assistant Surgeon 25th Oct. 1854 (aged 25)


Brigadier General John Nicholson (1821–1857), 1867 by John Robert Dicksee (British 1817–1905)...... Nicholson was a charismatic and authoritarian figure, who created a legend for himself as a political officer under Henry Lawrence in the frontier provinces of the British Empire in India. He was instrumental in the settlement of the North-West Frontier and played a part in the Indian Mutiny......


British; 44th Regiment of Foot, grenadier as he would have appeared during the disastrous Braddock Campaign in 1755, by Don Troiani.

Soldier of the Khyber Rifles, illustration for 'Armies of India' by Major G.F. MacMunn, published in 1911, 1908 Wall Art & Canvas Prints by Alfred Crowdy Lovett

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1,700-Year-Old Roman Mosaic Discovered During City Sewer Construction Project

A massive, well-preserved 1,700 year-old Roman mosaic was recently unearthed while performing city sewer construction.


Justin Griffiths, private, 44th (East Essex) Regiment of Foot Griffiths, 43, ‘It gives you a real sense of what a red-coated infantry soldier of the time would have experienced. And besides, you fire a musket.’ He has been re-enacting for a decade and takes part in events all over Europe. Unseen Waterloo: The Conflict Revisited is at Somerset House, London WC2, June 12-August 31 ( The accompanying book (Impress, £60) will be published on June 15 Picture: Sam Faulkner