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Rene Redzepi, co-owner and executive chef of Danish restaurant Noma—considered by some the best restaurant in the world—interviews legendary sushi master Jiro Ono

For every cup of tea we drink out of home we now consume two-and-half cups of coffee, NPD Group reports - Retail Times

Almost half of the world actually prefers instant coffee

In newer coffee-drinking regions, instant coffee is appealing because of its ability to satisfy the needs of new coffee drinkers and their evolving tastes.

Anglophenia was originally the idea of BBC America. Its tagline is "British culture with an American accent." The funniest part is that their YouTube channel, also called Anglophenia, often features Kate Arnell, who is very British and very accented▶ Why Are Brits So Obsessed with Tea? - Anglophenia Ep 30 - YouTube

Want to stir up change in YOUR #tea cup? Choose #Fairtrade→

Pure Taste: Britain’s first paleo restaurant is catering to the

Meat, fish, eggs, nuts and non-starchy vegetables – all produced as naturally as possible.

Is there a serious problem with coffee capsules?

The German city of Hamburg has banned coffee pods from state-run buildings as part of an environmental drive to reduce waste.

Can Music Change Your Sense of Taste

Global food crisis triggered cultural shift towards junk food, say researchers

A temporary food stall is seen in a street in Old Dhaka, Bangladesh