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untitled-dc Disgusting beyond belief! Israelis won’t Miss chance to Hijack News Headlines. They launched Jihadi showdown stunt scam to stimulate US Jews Menopause to exploit their greed to fuck America for Israel. It ain’t matters whether they’re BRAGGED or BASHED. What matters is that they’re featured as Endangered Species of dinosaurs at trypg They launched Jihadi showdown stunt scam to stimulate US Jews Menopause to exploit their greed to fuck America for Israel. It ain’t matters…

Who’re you trying to fuck now? I will take Moussawi seriously if Lt. Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi said its fighter jets. WTF. Iraqi helicopters flew outta range from Baghdad for over 212km distance and bomb Tikrit? Don’t you think it’s above Bollywood. Isis will gun ‘em down in Bughraib. Moreover the burned car featured ain’t but an old wreck of car crash in Fallujah. It’s too stooopid to deny that it ain’t but Streisand of four eligible warmongers: Syria, Israel, Iraq, and Iran.

Quit Fucking News. I agree fully with Ann Coulter how rightly described the Republican stupidity, arrogance and narcissism. I was confused until I read this: “America is in the fight of its life and if this country dies, the world dies”. Everything went fine until Ann Coulter said: ‘the world dies’. She lost me. He who talks outloud is ‘Nobody’ Hahahaa. Wow Baghdadi is masturbating again.

For a 2016 Republican President; America needs a well turned-out liar as Obama, A dumb bitches as Hillary or Elizabeth warren or Sarah Palin. An idiot as George Bush [the kid] or the Jackass-in-the-wheelchair [FDR] to fuck USA as they did. For Elvis pickled Penis sake. Stop showing your Gold Rolex. JEB! Republicans are too thick and so blind not to eye available Genius Legends as Chuck Hagel and David Petraeus for Potus as best candidates.

An Israeli soldier salutes fallen soldiers during a ceremony held on the Mount of Olives in preparation for Memorial Day, May 4, 2014. celebrate death wow. you made my day now i ll stop wondering who gave this bright idea to iran to mourn people died 1432 years ago

from The Huffington Post

Mike Huckabee: Obama Marching Israelis To 'Door Of The Oven'

A dog lynching minister as Mike Huckabee is great example of how usa is vulnerable. Don’t bet on the wrong horse as many fools did and don’t worthy the worthless. Obama and the Whole Nine Yards US Congress’s 100 Senators, 435 Representatives and 400 million miserable Americans ain’t allowed to use the toilets without Israel’s permission? They prefer to die for Israel holding there feces in their exploding guts than offending Stateless Israeli Scumbag as smutty as Benjamin Netanyahu.

2 Kassam rockets hit toward Israel shortly after fired by Palestinians in Gaza Iron dome is Raytheon, Hughes and RCA ain’t Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Jackasses and Israel Aerospace Industries Dumbasses. WTF:"Iron Dome intercepted about 400 or 85 percent of rockets fired at Israel from Gaza during eight days of fighting in 2012". Who’re you fucking now? Grassroots witnessed none intercepted. To milk Mike Bloomberg sympathy and rip him off, IDF exhibited 35,000

from BBC News

Google unveils surprise restructuring under Alphabet

A Jew, a Russian and a Hindu in ten years scam. Fuck’n American dream or nightmare. Is success rigged too? How about some camels?