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Explore Colonial America, 1792, and more!

Corn Dodgers! It's even fun to say :) I am reading a book on colonial America, and was inspired to try this long forgotten American classic, that can be baked fried or cooked as a dumpling. A staple of the colonists, they were eaten at breakfast and most other meals too. I can imagine these could be dressed up a million different ways to suit individual tastes :)

Classic Colonial Recipes That Will Be Loved Forever

Colonial Shepard's Pie - perhaps this is as good as the shepherds pie with lamb that i had at that irish restaurant in PA *sigh*

Colonial Squash and Apples - This is a very old recipe for fixing Butternut Squash. It was requested to be served at the very first Thanksgiving Dinner in the White House and has been a staple for many of our Presidents Thanksgivings since. Perfect for a cold winter night's supper!

Colonial Williamsburg’s “A Nice Indian Pudding”

Really lovely color and I wish I could convey the delicious smell through the computer to you!

Homemade Butter Science Activity Make Butter in a Jar

Have you ever made your own butter? This science activity is so neat and easy You end up with your own homemade butter in a jar! Get your toast ready!