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Reach for the stars because at the very least you'll air out your armpits. | Affirmations Ecard - A little laughter boosts your Attraction Energy!

Slightly crazy, always quirky Canadian female. Curator of the sublime and the ridiculous, by colour. If you visit the archives, you'll see how it all fits together. Thanks for visiting, may you find...

Sammy king (the person who pinned this first): This is my day!! Seriously can we keep the stupid to a minimum. I don't get paid extra for fixing your mistakes! Me: your wrong you don't fix my mistakes so you don't get paid!!

Paying for delivery?

Paying for delivery...nooo I'll take it home myself. Reminds me of my ex! He'd buy EVERY piece of furniture we owned at SAMs and insist I carry it into the house with him no matter how heavy. Good times!

Gingerassic Park. I'm sure this version will give lots more joy than the original design. The baker has a wonderful sense of humor. Reminds me of the year Reba's wouldn't work out so she made it into the murder scene for a snowman!