Eugene's thinking "First glowing hair and now a mermaid... That's it I'm dead, I must be dead, only explanation."

This is so painfully accurate.

And this is why I loved this movie as a kid...though its not Disney

Tangled Plot Twist: Flynn Rider ends up in Narnia.

Rapunzel,Let down your hair for Ariel! by RikaMello

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aww this is cute


Flynn Rider

The magic golden flower from Tangled!!!

Ariel. The start of my red hair obsession was when I first saw this movie a very, very long time ago.

Rapunzel's wedding!!

Day 11: Favorite Disney Sidekick Pascal! Hes so sassy and I love it. - Everything Disney

Lovely Rapunzel



racebent disney

How come I never realized this!?! This is what made Flynn a hero and Hans a villain. One had all the goodness while the other only had the appearance of it.

I come out with an outfit and shes like, Lol no. Mother knows best, listen to your mother... Like, Comment, Repin !!