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Penelope, in Greek myth, the faithful the wife of Ulysses, shown seated weaving at a loom; from a French pack of 52 playing cards, Jeu des Reynes Renommées, 1644; Penelope is the symbolic personification of the 'bonne femme'/good wife. (British Museum)

Attic red figure skyphos vase showing Penelope at her loom, late 5th century BC. Museo Nazionale Etrusco, Chiusi, Italy

Greek, 350 BC. Odysseus and Circe with a loom. Fragments of black figured cup found in the sanctuary of Kabeiroi, near Thebes, 5th century BC. It shows Odysseus with his sword threatening Cirke, while she prepares the magic portion to turn him into an animal, as she did his friends.

Detail of a miniature of a nun spinning thread, as her pet cat plays with the spindle; from the Maastricht Hours, the Netherlands (Liège), 1st quarter of the 14th century,

The Weaver, 1698. By Christoph Weigel. The loom can be seen in detail on this engraving, worked with pedals. The worker is about to move the shuttle back through the threads. The man on the left is pulling wool through a weaving comb. A barrel and basket with wools are seen on the foreground. German