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Dorkly Comic: Rankings of Star Wars Fans

Dorkly Comic: Rankings of Star Wars Fans. Hmmm....I kind of fit, like four of these. Bwahahahahahahahaha

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Vinyl Wall Decal Jedi like my Father Unless Hogwarts sends me a letter like my mother - Star Wars and Harry Potter Themed Parody Design

Two fandoms have come together to make one awesome family! <3

Star Wars X Fighter Empire Jedi Space Craft, Toddler Nursery, Teen Wall Art, Chevron Decor, Birthday or Baby Shower Gift Ideas 11X14

I have to do this great piece at some point. Lifetime challenge acquired. It is one of the best designs of jedi tunic that i've seen so far, and its Legion approved. What more can one ask for? Once again i send my regards to the person who created this awesomeness.

Honestly, this looks like something someone in my home school group would do. Except I think they have already.. Either Robert or Joel, I can almost promise you.

Some day the waiting room to my office will look like this. With the imperial theme playing on a loop.

Make Your Own Lightsaber: DIY Instructions

Fandom mash-ups seriously crack me up. This Star Wars Wall Art has the perfect splash of Harry Potter added to it. Of course they made it epic with adding in a light saber and wand. “I Am A Jedi Like My Father Before Me, Unless Hogwarts Sends Me A Letter Like My Mother” is the statement of …


How to build your own lightsaber…

"How to build your own lightsaber…" For a second I thought we were talking about real light saber tech here and then realized how stupid it was for me to think that, and even stupider of the person to post such dangerous high tech knowledge publicly.. XD