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Her hair!!! I want it. If I had her thick long hair I would so get some dreadlocks and beads in them Mann I would look good and slik;)♥

"Illustrating my massive amount of hair that concealed the bucket in most of the shots, so I couldn't use them. See? Where's the bucket? I'm sitting in a bucket. I swear, with hair this long, who needs clothes?" / By wisely-chosen at flickr

beautiful long hair! love it but my goal is to have it to my lower back. its gonna be so hard to not put heat on it and make it look good at the same time. wish me luck ); haha

OH MY GOD THIS IS GORGEOUS! BLACK SILK! For anyone who this black hair doesn't grow.....well here's proof that it does 8)

// I think my hair is actually this long right now

this is so pretty and I would get these bangs but then I think to myself, how annoying because they are ALL up in her eyes...

blind seas hair braid girl brunette long hair tail side face portrait photo model photograph grey sweater female woman