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  • Katie Grant

    quite possibly the cutest baby animal in the universe: a baby tapir!

  • Belinda Gale

    Belfast Zoo’s latest addition, a little Malayan tapir. What a queer, cute little creature

  • Lisa Holliday

    Belfast Zoo’s latest addition, a little Malayan tapir ( has to be the cutest animal I have ever seen)

  • Mary Fields

    Baby Malayan Tapir I love baby tapir spots!

  • Deanna Palmer

    Cute Animals Photo Gallery : theBERRY

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I know just how you feel, Baby Tapir, I know just how you feel. ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club

Newborn Tapir. The tapir is found in the rainforests of #CostaRica. They are very shy and elusive.

Malaysian Tapir..the animal like hores on avata film. perhaps this animal inspired for filmmakers +++ visit my channel youtube for fun +++

The Malayan tapir, also called the Asian tapir, is the largest of the four species of tapir and the only one native to Asia. it appears to be a cross between a pig and an anteater. Tapirs, found in the jungles of South and Central America are actually mammals and are more closely related to horses and rhinos!

A Walking Watermelon?:Marjorie the Malayan Tapir at the Belfast Zoo via Photo by Belfast Zoo. #Tapir #Belfast_Zoo

This Baby Tapir is the Most Painfully Adorable Thing You'll See All Week

Although tapirs are often mistaken for pigs and anteaters, they're in the odd-toed hooved animal family as are the horse and rinocerous. All four species of tapir are endangered. The Malay tapir is native to Asia, where its natural enemies are the tiger and man. The largest tapir, the Malay tapir weighs up to 800 pounds. It also has the most dramatic coloration, with black shoulders, head, and legs and a white band around the body.