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  • Jennifer Zunino

    Awesome Banksy Graffiti Drawing

  • Lewis Lighting & Home

    The very well known underground Graffiti artist who goes by the pseudonym "Bansky" is a virtual mystery to the public. His known paintings are fueled with tongue in cheek social commentary - he places his graffiti paintings in internationally busy areas for maximum exposure. Bansky has also been known to secretly place his framed paintings beside other famous works of art in major galleries. Now famous and filling galleries with his own exhibits, Bansky's true identity remains a secret.

  • Kina de la Paz

    by Mantis, UK street artist born and raised in Africa

  • Stacy

    Reminds me of the children's song, Ring around the Rosie, which has been noted to be from the Black Plague years, when the folk remedy was to put a handful of posies in one's pocket to ward off the plague.

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