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Saw the epitome of this at the casino last night on the dance floor! No one wanted to see that!!!!

New lullaby for some girls I know. Twinkle twinkle little whore, close your legs, they're not a door.

Raise your fucking hand!!!

Morning coffee (41 photos)

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I dont always lose my phone... but when I do, it\'s always on silent. / Reminders Ecard / someecards.com ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

Story of my life! And since my phone spends like of the time on silent, I lose it pretty often!

Me: "No thanks honey, I don't want any Jameson." Jason: *gasp* "Don't say that on St. Patrick's day!"

Patricks day is like Valentines day for people who love Jameson and bad decisions. Like us.<--------------- I am very proud to be Irish

wait, why am i still trying to be sneaky about it? i'm my own boss now!

oh someecards, you have the best sense of humor! I snuck a bunch of booze into work today using my stomach.