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    Hahaha. Nerdy.


    No comment needed

    People are awesome.

    Mermaid man and Barnacle boy driving through with the invisible boatmobile. Win.

    team gandalf or team han solo


    And thus Lord of the Rings is summed up in one sentence. I dare you to read this without singing it in your head. :) So true, and yet, I'll still watch all 12 hours of the movies!

    Funny Text Messages - ppstrongHUNGARYi am hungary./strong/p pMaybe you should czech the fridge./p pIm russian to the kitchen./p p!/p pIs there any turkey!/p p?/p p!/p p?/p pWe have some, but its covered with a layer of greece./p pEw, there is norway you can eat that./p/p

    I couldn't actually love this explanation of modern art more. I love that modern art is such a riddle.


    Merry and Pip, always.

    Best. Thing. Ever

    lotr gollum pick-up line

    Frodo always has that confused awe look<-- I've noticed that. Good ol' Frodo:)

    funny harry potter/ lord of the rings thing. omg soooo wrong but so funny

    this is awesome.

    The Gateway, 'evr-time...


    When In Doubt Mumble from 55 Hi's.

    Hahaha! Yay for nerdy Lord of the Rings humor! And I will fully admit that I got on Google Maps to try it... that's what it says!!