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Silver Labrador: I usually don't pin animals. But, I think i'd love to have a silver lab. We have a white lab now.I think I like unusual animals haha- Beautiful! I have never seen a lab this color!

Dog Pool Party at this Day Care for Dogs

The Happiest Party In The World

Funny pictures about Doggy Pool Party. Oh, and cool pics about Doggy Pool Party. Also, Doggy Pool Party photos.


look up paw patrol. he is to cute and my eight year old sis' favorite dog. forgot to say, that she is puppy palace princess german shepherd

Oh my gah it so cute. It's hypnoticly cute. It's okay you can have my food and chew on my shoes and poop on the floor. < < < < < being cute is a fucking super power,  just think about it, why else do we take care of these pesky animals? Cause they're fucking adorable! !!

Present- Counting Blessings- I remind myself of my good fortune by me having a new Chocolate Lab puppy. I remind myself that having this puppy is good fortune and it makes me feel good by having him.

Weimaraner Pinned...

they are the sweetest big dogs you'll ever meet! they have a TON of energy though :) I love my Weimaraner

Cute silver lab puppy.

weimerainer's coloring with a lab's more pudgy frame Silver lab puppy. so cute

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