Body after baby. This is actually quite brilliant because it uses your post-baby body's natural abilities. Protein & veggies are great advice because you can keep up your milk supply on them.

10 Best Foods For Breastfeeding Moms

EVERY Nursing Mom Should Know About These Helpful Vitamins That Help Boost Milk Supply

DIY baby stuff instead of throwing out stained onesies dye them Maybe I'll see this in the future and remember to do it

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookie recipe to help increase milk supply in nursing or pumping moms!

Meal plan for breastfeeding moms // Twist Me Pretty: How I lost 17 lbs in less than 6 weeks

How to tie a Baby Wrap infographic

What breastfeeding moms need to know to lose weight safely while maintaining their milk supply!

Lactation Boosting Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Milkshake Great smoothie/milkshake/ice cream recipe options for lactacting moms who are breastfeeding. Kids will also love it!

5 Great Post-Partum Girdles: Leonisa Brief Panty Compression Body Shaper

Foods to boost milk supply while breastfeeding

10 Natural Ways to Increase Your Breastmilk Supply #nursing #breastfeeding

Simple pregnancy safe work out plan. Should have done this last time. I'll be glad I pinned this for when baby #2 comes.

Body after baby I'll be glad I pinned this one day

Know the Sex of Your Baby at the FIRST Ultrasound! I'll have to save this for future

belly bandit - WANT!

10 ways to increase milk supply

Love :)

Padsicles, vicks, yoga pants, snacks, extra pump parts, more milk supplement, wash clothes

Bellefit Postpartum Girdle. "A friend of mine used this for 4 weeks after giving birth and 6 weeks later her stomach is flatter than mine! (ive never had a baby and Im 24!) DEFINITELY on my buy list for when I get pregnant!"