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I began my day with a long walk with my friend, Heather, and along with plenty of miles, we logged lots of talk time. These walks and talks are part therapy session and part comedy show, as Heathe...

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Omg so annoying. This sounds like someone we know... if you know who I'm talking about haha so nosy! @Anna Lothridge

Funny friendship quotes | Funny quotes about friendship Haha so true but we do both @Becky Banzon

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Best and Funny Friendship Quotes . Only for best friends

you SERIOUSLY do! like to the fullest...never ever seen anything like it! you are amazing dedicated to me lol thank you Tay I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

Truths about the TMI fandom ;) very clever, fandom, I see what you did there.... #myfavoritequote #havealittlefaith