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Not Flesh of My Flesh, or Bone of My Bone, But Still Miraculously My Own. Never Forget For A Single Minute, You Didn't Grow Under My Heart-- But In It! | Family Ecard |


Paulo Coelho on


"Fake people have an image to maintain, real people just don't give a shit."

Surviving evil people is to ignore them. Let them bury themselves under all those lies. Unethical deeds breed trash.

I find it curious how the people that have no self control or respect for your feelings, are the same people that demand self control and respect from you!

Funny Reminders Ecard: I hate the word homophobia. It is not a phobia; you are not scared. You are an asshole.

Pathetic lives create pathetic lies. People who create drama are either jealous or unhappy with themselves.

Take responsibility for your actions. You only look like a fool when trying to blame other people for your behavior.