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9 out of 10 kids get their awesomeness from a StepMom. Stepmother

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Not Flesh of My Flesh, or Bone of My Bone, But Still Miraculously My Own. Never Forget For A Single Minute, You Didn't Grow Under My Heart-- But In It! | Family Ecard |

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Step-Mom: a women that continues to love a child despite being repeatedly stabbed in the back.

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Paulo Coelho on

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Paulo Coehlo

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Free, Friendship Ecard: Fake people have an image to maintain, real people just don't give a shit.

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Surviving evil people is to ignore them. Let them bury themselves under all those lies. Unethical deeds breed trash.

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LOL! Thank you. For all those "moms" who go out every weekend to party. Let us real mom's know what we are missing and we will remind you of what we are doing in place of you!

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Stepmom poster! Repin to spread the love.

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<3 love this

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Remember: Be nice to your stepmother. When you want something, she can make your father do things he doesn't want to! | Family Ecard

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I find it curious how the people that have no self control or respect for your feelings, are the same people that demand self control and respect from you!

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I knew it!! :)

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Stepmoms: Like regular moms, but with none of the credit and all of the judgement.


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Even though you try to break me in every way possible. Nothing you do will remove my love towards my bonus daughter. So go ahead and try to break me. Try to stop my love for a child that I love like my very own. I’m still going to be a proud Stepmom.

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Its sad how some people are so jealous and intimidated by you that they only have negative things to say when they know absolutely nothing. SO TRUE

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stepmother quotes to daughters | across the strong stepmom awareness campaign while looking at stepmom ...

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Take responsibility for your actions. You only look like a fool when trying to blame other people for your behavior.

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Ladies that go after another womans man are clearly screaming out for attention. They like to yell Im a cheap and easy home wrecking whore!!!

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