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Something we loved from Instagram! Getting a tad overexcited about my rasberry pi starter kit coming through the post #raspberrypi #diy #gonnaelectricutemyself by bhattman Check us out

Mikasa : Admin. Look at this. Admin : Holy mother of titans!Hahaha! XD Mikasa : Haha. ¬‿¬ Sorry Jean if you saw this post. m¬__¬m

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Make a Handheld Linux Terminal with a Raspberry Pi

We've seen pocket-sized Raspberry Pi computers before, but they usually require a 3D-printed case. DIYer Chris Robinson shows you how to build one with off the shelf parts.

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Build an Arduino

Build an Arduino clone. It has to be programmed in an original Arduino, but once it is you have a standalone Arduino.

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Chocolate Marshmallow Pie

This silky Chocolate Marshmallow Pie is made with a creamy mixture of milk chocolate, whipped cream and melted marshmallows!

The RPiREF app has been updated to include the Pi 2, Pi 3 and Pi Zero. It's free for Android users! #RaspberryPi #Android

Jelly Thumbprint Cookies: 1/2 c. butter 3 T sugar, 3/4 t. vanilla or almond extract, pinch of salt, 1 c. flour, jelly Beat with mixer. Roll in balls. Make thumbprint in the middle. Add small amount of any jelly, jam, or a Hershey kiss. Bake 400 degrees for 10 minutes.