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An awesome Virtual Reality pic! Is #VirtualReality the NEXT frontier?! That's the word on the street... #VR #NEXT #Tech #NewTech #Technology #Startups via @techcrunch by taadaa_com check us out:

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10 Incredible Uses of Virtual Reality

On Nov 15 @Adobe tweeted: "We're building a limitess creative canva.." - read what others are saying and join the conversation.

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Submergence, A Virtual Reality-Style Matrix of LED Lights

Submergence by Squidsoup. I have a such a thing for LED light art. It must have started with my love for Dan Flavin...

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Virtual-Reality Movies: Get Ready for the VR Revolution

VR (virtual reality) headsets? - Immerse you in the action as never before. Changing Hollywood? WSJ - Curated by: John McLaughlin, Master Day Trading Coach - - -


A Virtual Reality Revolution, Coming to a Headset Near You

Pioneers in film, journalism, sports and gaming talk about the challenges of building a new art form from the ground up.

The Film Connoisseur: Johnny Mnemonic (1995). Screenplay: William Gibson.


Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset

Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset - Only £19.99 -

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Control virtual reality with your mind

NeuroGoggles Let You Control VR with Your Mind -

FIELD creates sculptural virtual reality helmets for Violescence exhibition.

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A Look at the Museum of the Future

There’s a revolution afoot inside museums as technology—in the form of cheaper screens, miniaturized mechanics and increased computing power—sparks experiments in exhibit design. From virtual reality to 4-D films, here’s what to expect.