My cousin (well, his cute wife, Jen Bullock just did a photo like this of her niece that I loved but couldn't pin it from facebook! I'm excited to find it on here to keep the idea "filed" for use some day!)

sweet birth announcement / erin michaels

by-rosenhoff-newborn-baby-photography-1.jpg 900×1.371 píxeles How neat! Love the clock set to the time of birth and natural elements in this one.

Family time


Excellent texture

little behinds picture idea

Wish I would have done something like this for the months

Psalm 139:13-14 TOO CUTE!!!!!

This is adorable


The Delivery Room- Birth Photography Lawrence KS

Seriously?! How adorable is this?! And how convenient that my beautiful micro preemie boy should be home in time for Easter!!! I must crochet a bunny hat!

:( Can I go back in time to when my Jack was this tiny??

7 creative newborn photo ideas

gets me every time!

Sibling Photography IdeaBaby for Sale « Canadian Family

Totally doing this with Harper! @조아라/Ahra Cho Lopez with the letter H you gave her! So cute!

So cute!

Fun idea for birthday photos.