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Ewok Pup.

Shih Tzu ... Facebook Tzu Stallone

Coyote pup exercising his voice

flying shih tzu

Operation Baghdad Pups, SPCA International

Shih Tzu. :) Puppy Dog Photography Puppies Doggie Pup #DogsInTeaCups #DogsInCups

Pit Bull & friends

Happy cats cover by #advertising #poster #Illustrations #graphic design| http://illustrations791.blogspot.com



Sleepy Fox.

A very well-posed family of Atlantic Puffins.


Indigo Bunting

25 Animals Who Think They're People / Cats Who Think They are British Schoolboys from the '50s

Marmoset by In Cherl Kim: The pygmy marmoset eats insects, nectar, fruit and tree gum which it obtains by gnawing a hole in the bark of the tree and lapping up the sap which puddles up. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pygmy_marmoset #Pygmy_Marmoset

Beautiful greyhound

Wolves mate for life


Twitter / ronniewood: She seems to be settling in ... Ronnie Wood and Dolly the Basset Hound puppy

Harvey the Boxer