Note: Dinner at 7! Put this on and be ready by 6:30. I love you.

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen

FEmale the Original Iron Man Fitness / Workout Tank Top in Red

Bob Marley. LOVE this! This man made more sense than anyone today



This is my man!

That's my baby!

Man giving homeless girl his sandals.


Ahhh, I have found that unbelievably amazing, wonderful, beautiful and loving "someone", and I will NEVER EVER LET GO!!! <3

be married to a man who makes you laugh

62 Things to Say to Make Your Husband Feel Great

Sweet proposal.

100 Questions to Ask your boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance before you get married....yes I'm already married but there are some questions that we've never talked about or that might have changed now that we've been married a few years

Why you're such a catch.

We've got a printable Summer bucket list for couples!

So sweet

I want a guy that....

I don't have a husband but I know a man who deserves the same treatment.

be with a man...