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Folded Book sculpture - Love this!!

Unwanted books transformed into floral sculptures | Inspiration | Creative Bloq

clara maffei

Unwanted books transformed into floral sculptures | Inspiration | Creative Bloq

paper cut tree

Portfolio Book-Cut Sculpture

Kaleidoscopic Artwork Made Out of Old Phone Books by Caroline Stanley. Cara Barer’s work feels like a Rorschach test of sorts. The Houston-based fine art photographer takes discarded printed materials like maps, encyclopedias, phone books, and old computer manuals, and transforms them into colorful abstract sculptures, which she then shoots against a stark black backdrop.

Book sculpture

Free hand embroidery patterns -

Paper lantern

How to Make a Book Page Apple | Hymns and Verses

Gareth Spor's book sculptures are created by cutting and reassembling old books into various geometric forms.

this inspires me to create something similar but what would I do with it next??

Sculptures de papier et de fil de kraft armé. Aplatir le fil modelé avec un bocal en verre, y appliquer une mince couche de colle, poser sur le papier et maintenir quelques secondes, retirer les doigts, laisser sécher 5-10min. On peut laisser sécher la colle 30sec-1min avant de poser le fil, il adhérera plus vite sans avoir besoin de le maintenir mais on ne peut pas rectifier la position du fil. Découper le papier (fil au-dessus) au ras du fil sans l'entamer avec des ciseaux fins tenus incli...

blizzard book tutorial

livre découpé

This pattern enables the folder to create the pattern pictured in to a book. Its not as complicated as it looks! the result is extremely

Great Comfort book sculpture by Malena Valcarcel

paisley patterns | crazy for paisley this paisley butterfly design is fashionable and

Turn your book into a crafty centerpiece! #easy #foldedbook #papercraft