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Tel-Aviv-based animator Ori Toor’s ongoing series of gifs titled _Loopism_ started as a way for the animator to get back into moving image. “When I started doing animation after finishing college, I was doing mostly music videos and projects. I got a bit tired of that and started doing more illustration work,” Ori explains. “But eventually I really missed animation – I feel like it’s in my blood. I’ve always loved loops, so _Loopism_ was a way to get myself to commit to a format and see if…

처음(First time) by 꼬닐리오 on

옳지, 옳지. 팔을 이 쪽으로 빼고.. Right, right. take out your arm in this way..두 발은 이렇게 쏘옥..! Legs will go through that way..!서툴지만 뿌듯하고 두근거리던 순간. 혼자 무언가를 할 수 있었던 첫 순간. 기억하나요? The moment a little clumsy but proud. That very first moment you could do something by yourself. remember?