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As some bearings fail or cause trouble prematurely, it is vital to be able to identify and predict failure beforehand so that preventive measures can be taken

Everyone wants maximum productivity and reliability from their quarry plant and equipment but it’s a difficult task due to the harsh environment and machinery is subject to heavy vibration, shock and corrosion. Well now you can with Henkel Loctite

Is chocolate a national strategic asset? Find out more...

Most hydraulic hose is not really that tough, that's why it needs spring guards and nylon sleeving to give it any chance of surviving more than five minutes in harsh environment. But MegaTuff hose from Gates is tough by name and tough by nature.

Large drums of liquid are no problem until you want the liquids out. So how can you transfer fluids – even toxic or flammable ones – easily, quickly and safely?

Ambersil’s new Food Processing Safe® PERMA-LOCK® system is designed to minimise risk when using maintenance chemicals.

Most maintenance engineer nightmares revolve around component failure. So good news from ERIKS about a valve that’s crucial to the food and beverage industry.

Knowing gas or liquid flow rate saves energy, isolates problems and improves system operation, SMC offer a range of flow switches for all your needs

Discover the solutions IMI Precision Engineering have, to ensure that air - which you can't see - is free from contamination - which you can't see either?