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Parts of the body involved in voice production

Encouraging your child to produce a healthy voice

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good visual for patients to explain the movement of the vocal folds

Vocal folds are closed when we swallow. Air causes vocal folds to vibrate between open and closed positions when we talk. Vocal folds are open when we breathe quietly.

Voice Projection Exercises

Voice projection exercises can help you increase the loudness of your voice in a relaxed, easy manner without straining.

How to care for your voice

So La Mi: Teaching Elementary Music: Choir: how to care for your voice---for Ellie

voicefoundation.org, get basic info

Anatomy and Physiology of Voice Production

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Apple Cider Vinegar and How it Helps in Reducing Cholesterol

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Voice trainers at Vocal Process have created this ‘Build your own tilting larynx’ template. Such a brilliant idea for teaching the understanding of how the vocal cords wor…

Build your own larynx

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