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Use a (cleaned) peanut butter jar to protect your phone, keys, etc. while you're at the pool, beach or canoeing. Peanut butter jars are usually big enough to put the phone in and they're plastic so they won't break. And also... it gives you a legit reason to eat all the peanut butter :)

Achieve this look with Mary Kay Creme Eyeshadow in Beach Blonde for your highlight, Mineral Eyeshadow in Granite for your accent and Mineral Eyeshadow in Sienna for your base. Add Mary Kay Eyeliner in Deep Brown and finish off with Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara in I Love Black and Voila....gorgeous!

White is a bit risky sometimes but it compliments the blue of the sky and ocean. Makes it look almost angelic. #peaceful #clearblue #whiteandclear

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6 Great Pieces Of IKEA Monkey Art

ready made. (not found object). a distraction "no reason for doing it, or describing it, or doing anything." thing about the ready made is CHOICE. not about the hand, about the head. cracks apart the idea of artistic ability /skillfulness being important

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Have a picnic! Celebrate National Picnic Day

Life's a Picnic! Image via What's Gabby Cooking I't National Picnic Day and I cannot think of a better day to have a picnic. It's Saturday, nearly May and buds of pale white, pinks and greens are magically appearing all over the place. Unfortunately, here on the East Coast in Southern New England it also happens to be raining - but I won't let a little matter like that dampen my mood, or the day. Picnics can be held anywhere. Of course they're lovely in the park or at the beach or even…

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